Wonder Valley Maps

The boundaries of Wonder Valley
Start at Highway 62 east to left on Mojave Road, left on 2 Mile Road,
Right on Buillon Mountain Road, Right at the Base, Right at what would be Mojave Road if it went all the way up to the Base, Left on Pole Line Road, past Iron Age Road to 62, Right across BLM land south of the 62 to Mojave Road, then a wicked series of jags that cuts a quarry near Baseline Road out of Wonder Valley. (This description is approximate based on my reading of the map. - TSS)

Shooting in Wonder Valley

Open this map in a new window to view it at 100%. This map is from the Department of Special Districts in San Bernardino County. I don't know why the boundaries of Wonder Valley in this map do not correspond with the official boundaries above. View the interactive shooting map here:

Here is the County of San Bernardino Shooting Ordinance:

SHOOTING REGULATIONS on BLM land within the boundaries of Wonder Valley are superseded by San Bernardino County regulations. The law is: shotgun ONLY within the boundaries of Wonder Valley on private, county, state, and BLM land.

Gem Train in the Bullion Mountains, by John W. Hilton, Desert Magazine, January 1940

From Jackrabbit Homestead: Tracing the Small Tract Act in the Southern California Landscape

Wonder Valley is in the gray area at the top of the map, just under the "Twentynine Palms." Wonder Valley actually does extend to the east to include the dry lake.

This is the map that the old miners carried with them when they went prospecting. Perris' Miners Map - Desert Region - Southern California, 1896. Wonder Valley was in the Twenty-nine Palms Mining District and the Virginia Dale Mining District.

In this map Wonder Valley is in the top right, book ending the ears of the jackrabbit holding a painting of a cactus. This refers to the many jackrabbit homesteads and to the many artists that have made Wonder Valley their habitat.

Wonder Valley on a map originally printed in Sunset Magazine.