Where can I ride?

How To: Register an Off-Highway Vehicle

California DMV Note:
A vehicle registered only as off highway cannot be operated on public roads.

Author's note: This includes paved AND dirt roads within the CSA area of Wonder Valley. Riding across or in the open desert is prohibited. Riding in the BLM is allowed only where posted.


Off-Highway Vehicle License Plates (FFVR 16) - Registration Requirements at a Glance

Off-Highway Vehicla Information
This brochure includes a map that shows you where you may legally ride. There are two areas in Wonder Valley where riding is allowed - both have kiosks and designated trails You must stay on the trails: Post Homestead and Gold Crown Road.

You cannot ride your OHVs to these locations, they must be carried.

Post Homestead
The Post Homestead is on Chadwick Road between Amboy and Highway 62. There is a kiosk there that will tell you about the designated trails. You may only ride on designated trails. You may not ride in open desert or in the washes.

Gold Crown Road
The Gold Crown Road OHV area is south, off Highway 62. You can see the kiosk from the Highway.