Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Another party we weren't invited to.

The Wonder Valley Olive Oil people are making news with a party they threw:

"I saw Jay Carroll swig two things straight from the bottle: One was tequila; the other was olive oil. His capacity for tequila at an all-day party was impressive!"

I suppose one of those things is associated with Wonder Valley. (Hint: It's not the olive oil.)

This from the online journal Healthyish!


  1. Whenever we invite you wonder-valley-ans it turns out like a beverly hillbillies remake. Last time someone brought moonshine and some cityfolk just wandered off onto the marine base... we prefer artisan tequilas and aged spirits.

    Then another time we were having the most excellent conversation regarding gentrification, and how nice it is to escape it in the desert for the weekend - when some common hillbillies interrupted my speech right as I was getting to the punchline of a killer anecdote. *sigh* some people are so aloof.

    (just kidding, I have no idea who the oil people are but I done seen their instagram and they seem like decent folk, course I never met 'em myself).

    BTW all - free to post at - I set it up a while back as an extra outlet for WV to post news, and I linked it back to the blog here as a more official resource.