Monday, April 23, 2018

Dale Basin Well Owners Association Meeting

Sunday, May 6, 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Godwin Christian Fellowship
6389 Godwin Road, Wonder Valley, CA 92277

Elections will take place to select a new Secretary/Treasurer with Mary Quamme's impending retirement. Minutes will be read and set for approval, along with the financial report. The president will give a brief report, and then, comments and issues will be received from the attendees to help build an ongoing agenda.

All well owners in Wonder Valley are encouraged to become members, and the annual dues are only $5.00. Meetings are held twice a year in May and in November.

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  1. What should be on the minds of all well owners in Wonder Valley is the quality of the water coming from their well, the condition of the aquifer.
    The private dump at 80727 Brown Road, owned by Khadijah "Abdul" Karim has many buried vehicles,trash, etc on the property, surrounding properties, and they have untold toxic substances that are leaching down toward your aquifer. In other words, your well water may be poisonous in about 20 years or less.
    For an example look at the wells of eastern San Bernadino city. The low level radioactive toxic waste from Norton AFB was buried and a golf course was built on the surface. It now has poisoned the wells of the area. Government last I heard was going to drill wells to stop the underground plume from ruining any more wells but no more newspaper writeups.
    I personally made the county aware of the WV coming problem in 2013. They sent a 5 agency crew armed with cameras out here to take pics of the surface trash. A later time they sent a 1 person crew with 12 or so grunts out to pick up 3 semi loads of tires, which they removed. Thank You County!!! There is about that many or more still out here that get rained on, with the dirty rain eventually making it's way to your tap. Drinking water from an old tire, or an engine crankcase etc... doesn't really appeal to me, how 'bout you?
    In summation, If you use your well at all, you should be very concerned about these illegal dumps.