Tuesday, April 10, 2018

MAC Meeting -- April 9, 2018

I went to the MAC Meeting in Joshua Tree last night.

Unknown Fire - 2
Vehicle Fire - 1
EMS / Rescue / Trauma - 14
Traffic incident unknown injury - 1
Total - 18

I spoke to Mark Lundquist. He is working with County Fire to try to get us some answers regarding our situation. When he has things sorted out he’ll send me some dates and we’ll schedule a community meeting. He seemed to be saying that this will happen soon. I decided not to have an April community meeting because there is currently no news.

There’s a meeting in Joshua Tree on April 26 regarding the Desert Protection Plan DRECP which is in danger of being partially dismantled. If you are interested in going, please contact me and I’ll send you the details.

Thanks to everyone who submitted their surveys on the FUNDAMENTAL PLAN. This is the first step toward having a COMMUNITY PLAN. The unicomms (unincorporated communities) with Community Plans are better protected against unrestricted industrial solar development.

There were two speakers from Southern California Edison present last night. Jennifer Cusack was speaking on TOU - Time of Use - residential rates. See more here:

They also warned about spoofing -- people who seem to be calling from SCE threatening to turn off your electricity if you don’t pay them, usually with gift cards. ALWAYS hang up and call SCE directly if you need to know more about your bill. NEVER pay anyone on the phone in gift cards. No legitimate business takes payment in gift cards.

Luis Lara spoke on outage reports. He said they had more than 1000 outages last year due to mylar balloons. Some even brought down live wires. Mylar balloon seasons peeks between Valentines Day and Graduation Day. If you must buy mylar balloons, PLEASE, never release them in the air -- dispose of them properly in the trash. There are documented cases of desert tortoises eating the balloons, and also losing legs after becoming tangled in the strings.

Report outages at: 800-611-1911.

According to our new Sheriff’s Department Captain Travis Newsome crime has dropped over the last year. You can see their annual report at: