Thursday, July 19, 2018

Didn't see this until now...

I was looking up the boundaries of Wonder Valley at the San Bernardino County LAFCO site and found this:

San Bernardino County Fire Protection District - Service Zone FP-4 (Wonder Valley)
Report Created: 1/22/2018

"The San Bernardino County Fire Protection District reorganized in July 2008 and created the South Desert Regional Service Zone. The South Desert Regional Service Zone is a component unit of the San Bernardino County Fire Protection District, in which the County Board of Supervisors is the board of directors of the district. Within the South Desert Regional Service Zone, Service Zone FP-4 Wonder Valley special tax was originally authorized by the Board of Supervisors in August 1972 (originally under CSA 70 M Zone FP-4). Service Zone FP-4 provides fire protection services to the community of Wonder Valley. These services are funded by a special tax of $30 per parcel with an annual 1.5% cost of living increase as approved by the voters in June 2005. The current special tax rate is $34.82 per parcel. Services had previously been provided through Fire Station #45. However, this fire station will be closing due to lack of funding and future services will be provided by the nearest available fire station. Data for 2012 is not available as there was a change in interpretation of reporting standards which returned in 2013. Additional information on the District can be accessed via the link below."

There was nothing official until now.


  1. They should put a toll booth in on Amboy at the fire station and charge $2 for cars, truck and Motorcycles plus $1 per axle for larger trucks, RV's and trailers.
    It would probably make enough money to reopen the fire station and have a Sherriff Patrol station too.

  2. I posted this May 4th on the WV Facebppk page. Larry

  3. Also the SB Fire PIO would not comment directly on this comment, but only said they are still looking at problems at station 45. Larry

  4. With a toll booth they would make enough money for the firefighters to bath with Fiji Water.

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