Friday, July 6, 2018

Crime Stats for June 2018

In June 2018 there were 64 calls, 4 reports, and 1 arrest. The arrest was for violating penal code 4573, which pertains to taking drugs or a controlled substance to a jail.

There were four 459s - burglaries or attempted burglaries, and one petty theft.

There were several reports of fighting in public, which I have not seen here before.

Teresa Sitz, the MAC Delegate for Wonder Valley, has been teasing our stats out of media reports since May of 2017. This is tedious work. The stats are unofficial, and there is a small margin of error.

A change in numbers does not reflect a change in service. A change in numbers can reflect a change in the willingness to call the Sheriff's Department, with reports and arrests correlating in response.

If you call the Sheriff's Department, ALWAYS ask for an INCIDENT NUMBER. Please write it down.


  1. You need to have an area where we can post suspicious vehicles and people so we know who to look out for and to call the sheriff on.
    The best security is if you see someone you do not know driving around call the sheriff.

    A list of know criminals and what they drive would also be good as would an area to post suspicious vehicle photos.

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