Thursday, June 27, 2019

Desert Trail : alleged chop shop raided

Deputies raid alleged chop shop


  1. What is up with all the criminals in Wonder Valley?
    I hope they turn the Gun Charge is turned over to the Feds so he will do 5-10 years in the Pen.

  2. Now we have a killer on the loose.
    The Sheriff’s Department has announced that two women whose bodies were found following a fire in Twentynine Palms earlier this month were murdered. Firefighters were called to the 75600 block of Valle Vista Road in Twentynine Palms about 10:20 p.m. June 9, for a house fire with people inside. The house was fully involved with flames when firefighters arrived, and firefighters broke windows in the house looking for the victims. The bodies of Linda Sayer, 67, and Sheila Sayer, 48, were found in two bedrooms inside. An autopsy confirmed that the manner of their deaths was homicide, however, investigators are not releasing any details about how they died. Anyone with information should call Detective Tramayne Phillips at 909-387-8313.