Thursday, December 17, 2015

John Isaac Watters

The musician John Isaac Watters was born in Mexico City, and grew up there and in Tucson, AZ. He writes desert songs. He's played at the Palms, so it's fitting that his friends/fans chose the Palms as the backdrop for a music video. A bunch of us locals, Sunny, Duane and me from Wonder Valley, others from Twentynine Palms and Yucca Valley, showed up to play extras. It was a long day, and there was a smoke machine, which was really hard on me. But in general it was fun. The music was good, and I feel a little more embedded here, having now taken part in a Wonder Valley music video.

The producers of the video, choreographer Hemma, and Anthony Nikolchev, sit center front.

Here's a song about the desert that I like better than the other music video. I liked Watters music. It was tight, a little jangley, and soulful.