Sunday, January 7, 2018

2017 in Wonder Valley - the Year in Review


January 14, 2017 -- WV Community Meeting
January 30, 2017 -- SBC Aging and Adult Services Presentation
March 11, 2017 -- WV Community Meeting
March 25, 2017 -- Legal Access to Medical Marijuana for Seniors
April 8, 2017 -- WV Community Meeting
April 29, 2017 -- Jack McConaha Memorial
May 6, 2017 -- WV Community Meeting
May 6, 2017 -- Permaculture in Wonder Valley, with Tim DeLorey
June 8, 2017 -- WV Community Meeting
June 10, 2017 -- Citizen Science Project in Wonder Valley
August 2017 -- The WVCC Coordinator, Ricardo Figueroa, exits his job.
September 2017 -- The WV Fire Department leaves for Twentynine Palms.
September 9, 2017 -- WV Community Meeting
December 13, 2017 -- James Rikker, Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center


     The Community of Wonder Valley is maintained by a faithful congregation of volunteers that spans every group. I want to start by thanking Starlene Javiar, Mary Quamme, and Karen Meyers - the energizer bunnies of our community - whose continued faithfulness keeps us humming along. Many thanks, as well, to the following, who show up and help at community events: Lupe, Sunny Downer, Jack Gandtt, Matt Haubner, Grey Hill, Mary Lindsley, Jill Reinig, Ken Sitz, Randy Smith, Deborah Tobin, Gary Tufel, Bob Wood, Ed Vallerand, Steven Wilhelm, and the many others that I cannot recall at the moment.
     I also want to call out Olympia and Max Rossi who donated space for the Well Owners Association meetings, and along with Diane and Garrett Brooks, tend to the spiritual needs of our community.
Many thanks to the Sibleys and Kevin Bone for creating such a lovely meeting place, and to Laurel Seidl and Frank Mezget for the Glass Outhouse Gallery.


Stephen Joseph Dahl
Andrew Boyce Evans II
Nikos Lukaris
Jeffrey Perry
Leonard James Sampson
Kassandra Shaw
Bill Yokum

If I have forgotten anyone or anything I apologize. Please let me know and I will edit this page.