Thursday, May 23, 2019

Desert Trail Column - May 23, 2019

We send out Rainbows-of-Emeralds-and-Lilies-of-the-Valley to Barbara Finnegan who celebrates her special day this week. Happy birthday, Barbara!
Karen’s Commentary: Thanks to Joe and Olympia for manufacturers’ coupons. The military families overseas appreciate them. Here are some numbers for health services. All are 800 numbers unless otherwise noted. Allergy/Asthma Hotline 624-0044, American Cancer Society 227-2345, American Council for the Blind 424-8666, American Diabetes Association 232-3472, American Heart Association 834-1670, American Kidney Foundation 638-8299, Better Hearing Institute 327-9355, California Smoker’s Hotline 766-2888, DentiCal 322-6384, Domestic Violence Hotline 799-7233, Epilepsy Foundation of America 332-1000, Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy 877-835-5447, Hearing Aid Helpline 521-5247, Hospice Education Institute 331-1620, Inland Caregiver Resource Center 675-6694, Lung Line 222-5864, National Center for Stuttering 221-2483, National Downs Syndrome Society 221-4602, Parkinson’s Disease Foundation 327-4545, Shriners Hospital Headquarters 237-5055, Spina Bifida Hotline 621-3141, Urinary Incontinence – Simon Foundation 237-4666. Perhaps you don’t need these phone numbers, but you might know someone who does.
Darlene’s Commentary: Anybody being bothered by bugs? We have had a majestic wildflower bloom and I thank Mother Nature for her abundance, and most of us made it through the allergies and pollen. I think Mother Nature deserves a rest, but Mother Nature doesn’t think so – she has plans! Suddenly, moths, grasshoppers, flying ants, black beetles, pincher bugs, cockroaches and little green flies are into your clothes, eyes, mouth and hair. And if you happen to look at the ground, you’ll find large black ants, small red ants, brownish ants and teeny-weeny black ants that go in circles instead of a trail! Other trails are like a freeway of ants hurrying this way and that. Maybe the abundant wildflowers this spring had too much protein. I’ve noticed that many insects look a little larger than last year.

There is a darling little tiny Wayside Chapel out in front of the Glass Outhouse Art Gallery, 77575 29 Palms Highway at Thunder Road. It is open year around and is well worth a look. Just drive up, park and look inside on your own – no charge or hassle. Everyone is welcome to just admire the beautiful interior or to stay awhile if you wish. This is a unique and fantastic place to show your visitors from out-of-town. For further information, call Laurel at 760-367-3807.
Handy Hint: Tankless water heaters are expensive, but they will save you at least $150 each year because they provide hot water on demand instead of keeping the water hot all the time.
Today’s Thought: “I was going to have plastic surgery until I noticed that the doctor’s office was full of portraits by Picasso.” – Rita Rudner
Until next time . . . remember to take time to enjoy the WONDERs all around us.