Tuesday, November 3, 2015

People suffering from cold in Wonder Valley

This just breaks my heart.
WARMING FIRE IGNITES WONDER VALLEY CABINBy Z107.7 News, on November 3rd, 2015Firefighters were called to what was thought to be a structure fire in Wonder Valley early Saturday morning. According to a Sheriff’s report, about 6 a.m., a man who lived in a homestead cabin in the 7500 block of Pinto Mountain Road made a fire near the door, inside his one-room cabin in order to keep warm, and then went back to sleep. The report states the makeshift door did not allow the smoke to escape from the cabin, and when the cabin filled with smoke, the resident panicked and attempted to put out the fire. A neighbor saw the smoke and called for help. The man, who was not identified, received a superficial burn to his right shoulder, but refused medical treatment.
There will be a HEAP Outreach and Education Workshop in Wonder Valley on November the 13th. If you need financial assistance with electricity, propane, or firewood, please follow the link below and come to this workshop.