Wednesday, January 27, 2016

De Luz Community Services District

I'm not suggesting that we should do what this district did, but I'm offering the link to the community to illustrate what's possible when forming a CSD (community service district). This district of De Luz took over their own police services:

In past years, the District experienced immense problems with auto theft, burglaries, trash dumping, reckless driving, abandoned cars, and illegal camps. The District property owners determined that the level of service provided by the County was not adequate, and beginning in 1989, the District contracted with the County for a Deputy Sheriff dedicated to serving our area. This situation proved so successful that in 1990, the District was asked by the property owners to increase the level of contract deputies to two.
While the service we receive from the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department is top notch, community members in Wonder Valley have expressed a desire to have dedicated coverage in our area. This is ONE option. It is not an option I am suggesting. I just want to put all the options out there for the community to consider.

The history of De Luz Community Services District