Sunday, January 24, 2016

The first meeting of the Wonder Valley PCF Fire Department

James Brakebill, head of the Copper Mountain College Fire Technology Program met with the Community of Wonder Valley on Saturday, January 23, to discuss the inception of  Paid Call Firefighter Program. About 50 people met at the Wonder Valley Community Center at 80526 1/2 Amboy Road to learn about the requirements of setting up such a program.

Former Fire Chief Jack McConaha donated the fire dog, much like his own dog "Whiskey,"
to the Wonder Valley Fire Department.
Starlene Javier, the former Fire Chief for the Wonder Valley Volunteer Fire Department, was present and  earned an enthusiastic round of applause for the work she did then, and has continued to do throughout the years hence. Ms. Javier recently resigned as the community's only county worker, though she continues in her former capacity as a volunteer, running the USDA Food Distribution program and the free book and DVD loan program.

The Wonder Valley community was abuzz at the community breakfast at the Palms Bar and Restaurant Sunday morning regarding the possibility of forming a community fire department. James Brakebill and Sandy Willis, a former member of the Wonder Valley Fire Department, met at the Palms for breakfast. James Brakebill received a round of applause from the community for the former day's meeting.

A great deal of work lies ahead but the payoff will be a community united to meet the best interests of Wonder Valley.