Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Join the Phone Tree

Wonder Valley is R-U-R-A-L as hell. There many obstacles to reaching people. Many people do not have the Internet or email accounts, get the local paper, or make it to the Community Center or the Palms to get notices of meetings and events.

We do have a communication plan and continue to build on it. If you have any suggestions for improving it, please let us know.

When we do announce a meeting we:
  • Send out emails to our list 
  • Post online at:
    - NextDoor
    - Facebook events
    - Facebook Wonder Valley Community page 
  • Submit to the Desert Trail 
  • Submit to the Desert Trail columnists 
  • Print in the Wonder Valley Sand Paper 
  • Physically post at the Wonder Valley Community Center and The Palms 
  • Notify the local pastors 
  • Submit to Z107.7 events 
 We have also posted flyers up and down Highway 62 and Amboy for important meetings.

Now we have the phone tree. I you are willing to be “call girl” (or boy) please contact me. It would be ideal if a person had to call no more than five people.

If you need someone to CALL you, please let me know the next time you see me and I’ll add you to the list. Also contact me if you have a neighbor who needs a call.

Teresa Sitz,, 760-865-9550