Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Threw my back out

Hi All,

I haven't posted much this week, and the Desert Trail column is late. I threw my back out Sunday morning - even missing breakfast - and am having a very slow recovery. I still can't walk and can barely sit up. Thanks to Glenda for being a superb nurse, and for Jill, Almut, Mary and Laura, and Roberta for visiting me, bringing me delicious food and keeping me company.

Now for the GOOD NEWS. Between William Hillyard and Ken Sitz the NEW URL for this website is: (drum roll please)

You can still get here through the long and clumsy

url, but the new url will be much easier to share and much more legitimate printed on postcards and other materials. I am very grateful to William Hillyard for being a team player and giving us the URL. Thanks, Bill!

This is just one of the many sweet little changes coming up and as soon as I'm back on my feet I'll be much better about letting you know about them.