Thursday, August 4, 2016

Desert Trail, August 4, 2016

Since the birthstone for August is the peridot and the flower is the gladiolus, we send out Rainbows-of-Peridots-and-Gladiolas to Mandy Root (32) and to Cris Buskirk who celebrate their special days this week. Happy birthday to you both!

Darlene’s Commentary: This is a story about smartphones, tablets, I-phones, I-pads and I-can’t-figure-this-darn-thing-outs! I need guidebooks or manuals with paper pages that don’t suddenly turn off! Is there somewhere in the electronic tangle that a human being can be called on a landline that actually pugs into your wall? We oldsters need to get it together and get rid of those rotary dials – upgrade to a house phone with buttons to push so you can “press one.” If not, we’ll just continue on in a whirlwind of PTAs, EMFs, ATMs, FBIs, CDs, WPAs, ABCs, BLTs, GMOs, PPOs, URLs, BBCs, VCRs, HMOs, AM-PMs, CBSs, EBTs, GPSs, DVDs, FDRs, AC-DCs, NBCs and even CIAs! In the meantime, I’m looking for wicks for my kerosene lamps – maybe I could cut up that flat half-inch-wide cord thingy that goes to a computer to make some.

Karen’s commentary: The USDA Food Distribution is heavily attended by Wonder Valley residents, but the Salvation Army Food Distribution is not. Why? Granted, the volume of food isn’t as big, but the quality is great, plus the distribution is so smooth and efficient, with no waiting. Normally, they bring only boxes of non-perishables, but this time they also brought fresh potatoes and apples. And the price is certainly right – free! I would hate for them to give up because of a lack of interest on our part. They are putting forth a big effort to help out our community – the least we can do is to show them how much we appreciate that. They are here on the fourth Wednesday of each month from 11 to 1 or later.

The Wonder Valley Thrift Store, located on Godwin Road, just north of Highway 62, has many great bargains. The Wonder Valley Community Center was the recipient of one of those bargains this week when we purchased a used Black & Decker coffeemaker with a brand new glass pot. Stop in and see what they have to offer! Call Olympia at 831-227-1948 for further information.

Handy Hint: An empty tissue box can serve as an excellent mini-trashcan for your vehicle. Attach the rough side of a Velcro strip to the bottom of the box, and stick to the corner of the carpet by the passenger seat.

Thought for Today: Have you heard about the guy who’s addicted to brake fluid? He says he can stop anytime.

Until next time . . . remember to take time to enjoy the WONDERs all around us.