Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Report from the Vacation Rental Ordinance Meeting

The Morongo Basin Municipal Advisory Council (MAC) met last Monday night. Andy Wingert, San Bernardino County Code Enforcement Chief, presented on a proposed vacation rental (VR) ordinance. The good news is that the ordinance is intended only for the mountain regions of SBC, the only area in the County where vacation rentals are permitted. There is a moratorium in effect, however, against enforcement in the Morongo Basin. It seems there is also no mechanism at the moment for enforcing the Transient Occupancy Tax, or TOT.

The VR Ordinance for the mountain regions may serve as a template for writing an ordinance for the Morongo Basin. This effort could begin within the coming months.

Wingert assured the overflow crowd that there would be many meetings and discussions to finesse the ordinance to meet the unique needs of the Morongo Basin.

Wingert is an interesting and straightforward man, who said he does not shy away from thorny discussions, and will work with the M.B. to create an ordinance that works for the area.

It is important for VR hosts in Wonder Valley to attend future meetings to represent needs particular to Wonder Valley. Please make plans to attend.