Thursday, February 1, 2018

Desert Trail, February 1, 2018

Wonder Valley’s Glass Outhouse Art Gallery will hold an artists reception on Saturday, February 3 from 1 to 5 p.m. for featured artists Joy Leininger, Savannah Sky and Dani Curlin. Come meet the artists, enjoy the refreshments and the music by The Luminators. This show will run through March 25. The art gallery is located at 77575 29 Palms Highway at Thunder Road. For further information, call Laurel at 760-367-3807. See you there!

Since the birthstone for February is the amethyst and the flower is the violet, we send out Rainbows-of-Amethysts-and-Violets to Beautiful Downtown George Burgess and to Chetara Bevins who celebrate their special days this week. Happy birthday, George and Chetara!

Karen’s Commentary: Thank you to Jan Peek for lots of coupons, stamps and cards. Coupons went out last month to Army, Navy, Marine and Air Force Bases in Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom. I have discovered a real treasure right here in our midst – David Jesse McChesney. He is a professional photographer, author and musician. His experience includes working as the advanced photography instructor for the Desert Institute at Joshua Tree National Park. My birthday gift from son and daughter-in-law Jerry and Cheri was his book “Miles of Wonder” which includes some of the most beautiful and fantastic photos of the Mojave Desert I have ever seen. This is one over-the-top talented guy!

Darlene’s Commentary: I love my chickens! Each one has a different character, and the entertainment never stops. I have two silkie hens that look comical to start with – they are kind of pudgy and waddle when they walk and their wings are smaller than most chickens so they don’t do much flying. The best feature is their “top-knot hairdo” and their feathers grow straight up from the top of their head! My silkies also have feathers that grow over their feet that look like slippers made out of feathers. Silkies are calm and docile and lay nice golden-brown eggs and are good mothers. Silkies make good pets and provide a lot of entertainment.

The 29 Soaring Club, a non-profit group, meets every Sunday, weather permitting, from 11 to sunset at the Twentynine Palms Airport on Highway 62 at Godwin Road. Glider rides are available for $20 to $50, cash only, depending on altitude desired. Gift certificates are available and have no expiration date. Call Mike at 760-464-2835 for further information.

Handy Hint: Six-pack cartons are useful for storing and transporting items like spray paint or household cleaners. Most spray cans fit perfectly.

Today’s Thought: After the class trip to the Coca-Cola factory, there was a pop quiz.

Until next time . . . remember to take time to enjoy the WONDERs all around us.