Thursday, February 22, 2018

On Shooting in Wonder Valley

The notes from the February 21, 2018 WV Community Meeting may be found here:

View the interactive shooting map here:

Here is the County of San Bernardino Shooting Ordinance:

SHOOTING REGULATIONS on BLM land within the boundaries of Wonder Valley are superseded by San Bernardino County regulations. The law is: shotgun ONLY within the boundaries of Wonder Valley on private, county, state, and BLM land.

Thank Yous
  • Thanks to the Sheriff's Department for attending the meeting and clarifying some issues on legal shooting in Wonder Valley.
  • Thanks to the neighbors who successfully shut down an illegal shooting range in their neighborhood.
  • Thanks to all the shooting enthusiasts who came and shared their thoughts and were so supportive of their neighbors. 
I think it speaks very well of our area that so many diverse voices can meet together and have a productive and friendly meeting. I'm very proud to be numbered among the people of Wonder Valley. 
-- TSS