Saturday, March 31, 2018

Open Mic, March 30, 2018

Jesse Fink
The open mic at the Palms last night was wonderful as usual. I especially loved Jesse Fink's poem about Wonder Valley.

I found the wonder
in Wonder Valley.
No longer to wander

The desert has captured me.

The stars 'n' warm sunshine
No hassles strife or strain
And the people here genuine
Here to forever remain.

Wonder Valley has captured my heart
My mind body 'n' soul
Should have been here from the start
Now I am completely whole.

A treasure we found in Wonder Valley
Like a captured bird finally set free
No other place I'd want to be
But right here right now forever in
Wonder Valley.

Jesse Fink, 3-30-2018

I know there are some people who are stranded in Wonder Valley and want to get out. I've met one. But for the most part, the one thing people here have in common with each other is that they really want to be here. A few weeks ago another woman, Donna, read a poem at open mic about meeting the love of her life here and her love for the area. I've lived in a few places -- big and small -- and have never heard so many odes to place. It's not for everyone, but as Jesse writes, "Wonder Valley has captured my heart."

Thanks, Jesse, for reading. Thanks, Grey for hosting Open Mic. And thanks to the Sibleys and Kevin Bone for giving Open Mic a home.