Sunday, May 3, 2020

Wonder Valley Sand Paper.

The Wonder Valley Sand Paper is a hard-copy paper usually distributed at The Palms Bar and Restaurant. The WVSP is designed to get people out of their cabins at least once a month to come pick up a paper, and for the last 5 years that has worked really well.

Now that we have the COVID19 we've had to go online, just like everyone else.

Pick up your May 3, 2020 copy.

This week's copy covers:

  • last weeks County Fire / Adult and Aging Services Food Distribution last week
  • how to get your stimulus check
  • how to fill out your census form
  • how to get your road repaired
  • continued limitations on evictions
  • Covid19 cases and deaths to date in San Bernardino County
  • April 2020 Crime Stats
  • and how to sign up to vote by mail.