Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Desert Trail Column - June 3, 2020

Our two churches are back in business! Wonder Valley Community Church, 82575 Amboy Road at Thompson Road, will hold services every Sunday at 9 a.m. Godwin Christian Fellowship will hold services every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. At this point, face coverings are still required and social distancing will apply. For further information about Godwin Christian Fellowship contact Pastor Max Rossi at or 831-234-6848. For further information about Wonder Valley Community Church, call Pastor Lonnie Casper at 760-401-6128 or 760-391-0480.
Since the birthstone for June is the pearl and the flower is the rose, we send out Rainbows-of-Pearls-and-Roses to Pappy Parsons who celebrates his special day this week. Happy birthday, Pappy!
Karen’s Commentary: Thanks to son Joe for saving coupons for me to send to the U.S. military bases overseas. And I’d also like to thank Mary Lee Twomblay and her husband for the huge amount of used postage stamps they gave me for Boys Town! They also threw in two greeting card fronts which will be sent to St Jude’s Ranch for Children for their recycled cards program. All good causes.

Darlene’s Commentary: I just had a week where I felt like I was walking in quicksand with items bobbing just out of reach! Every day it seems I need to call some business, but never get someone who speaks “human.” So I end up hearing a lot of information that might be useful, but by the time I get something scribbled on my paper, I go to push 4 and accidentally push 5 and the recorder says, “Welcome to . . . Your wait time will be approximately 45 to 58 minutes, but you can press 7 and give your name, address, place of birth, number of children and shoe size!”
We are hoping Animal Action League will be able to resume their wonderful work for the animals soon. Spaying, neutering, microchips, vaccinations and even nail trimming are all offered at very reduced rates. They are located at 62762 29 Palms Highway, just west of the dinosaurs in Joshua Tree. Please call 760-366-1100 for further information.
Handy Hint: Credit cards charge interest daily. If you normally pay $200 per month, instead pay $100 every two weeks which will save you a lot of interest, but add up to the same amount paid per month.
Today’s Thought: A poem for your enjoyment. The gum-chewing student, / The cud-chewing cow, / Are somewhat alike, / Yet different somehow. / Just what is the difference / I think I know
now -- / It’s the thoughtful look / On the face of the cow.

Until next time..., remember to take time to enjoy the WONDERs all around us.