Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Kip's Desert Book Club - Vermillion Sands

From Kip:

Many thanks to Ken Sitz for suggesting the fantastic book of short stories by J.G. Ballard, Vermilion Sands, for our July 6th book club meeting. It will transport you to a futuristic desert resort community, where clouds are carved by sailplanes, sculptures sing, and mysterious women in long flowing dresses float silently in the dark. Equally impressive will be our meeting place, the Glass Outhouse gallery in Wonder Valley. Laurel and Frank are eagerly awaiting our arrival.

Drive 4 miles east of the town of 29 Palms on Highway 62 and turn right on Thunder Road, where you will see the "Book Club" sign and the gallery sign. The water tank painted to look like a giant Pepsi can is a good landmark to watch for too. If you pass the airport, turn around - you went too far.  Ladies, don't forget to wear your longest, flowiest dresses! Resort wear for gentlemen is highly recommended. I look forward to sharing this special book, and a cocktail with you on a warm summer evening.

Monday, July 6, 2015, 7 PM
The Glass Outhouse
77575 29 Palms Highway at Thunder Road
Wonder Valley, CA

This is the tenth meeting of Kip's Desert Book Club.  Learn more about this monthly gathering.