Wednesday, June 10, 2015

MAC Report for Wonder Valley, Monday, June 8, 2015

I attended the MAC* meeting Monday night and read the following report for Wonder Valley. I'd read it earlier in the day at the Meet 'n' Greet at the Wonder Valley Community Center. - Teresa Sitz


It was a busy month for Wonder Valley.

The new quarterly publication Desert Oracle was featured in the LA Times on May 29. Wonder Valley was mentioned, as well as Joshua Tree.

One May 23rd Wonder Valley hosted a public meeting on the BLM’s WEMO Plan. Pat Flanagan gave her presentation. Thank you, Pat. There were 36 people in attendance. Lots of locals volunteered to put the event together. It was a great opportunity to bring together the old timers, those who have lived here since the 50s and 60s, with the newcomers, those who have only lived here 10 or 20 years.

Memorial Day weekend saw an influx of tourists in Wonder Valley for two exciting events. About 60 people gathered at Iron Age Road for a High Desert Test Sites event: Carmen Argote’s Vast Furniture. There was a lecture and an art exhibit, a potluck and camping.

Later that night artist Diane Best screened three of her movies at the Palms as part of Boxoproject’s Joshua Tree-enial. Around 200 people filled the outdoor patio, under a beautiful starry sky and watched Best’s movies accompanied by Reverend Screaming Fingers, Artemis and Wonder Valley’s own, The Renderers.

On June 6 there was a reception celebrating the 6th anniversary of the Glass Outhouse Gallery. Artists included Janet Cole, Christine Lamb and Olive Tosconi. The Luminators provided music.

A couple of neighbors and I met with Sergeant Millard and Specialist Robert Anderson at the Sheriff’s Department last Monday to address ongoing issues in Wonder Valley. We plan to schedule a public safety meeting soon to start a Neighborhood Watch.

We had a Meet and Greet this morning and 14 neighbors attended. We are digitizing photographs of Wonder Valley in the 1970s for an online community photo album.

I also had postcards printed publicizing the Wonder Valley website. They’re available at the front.

Thank you.

* The MAC is the Morongo Basin Municipal Advisory Council. Nine delegates represent nine unincorporated communities including Copper Mountain Mesa, Desert Heights, Flamingo Heights, Joshua Tree, Landers, Morongo Valley, Pioneertown, Wonder Valley, and Yucca Mesa. The council advises San Berndardino Supervisor James Ramos, 3rd District.