Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Wonder Valley Olive Oil

Alison Carroll on Wonder Valley and Her Favorite L.A. Haunts

Alison Altomari and Jay Carroll produce Wonder Valley Olive Oil and were featured in the April 2015 issue of Style Magazine. I met with Alison in Los Angeles and learned that she and Jay are big fans of Wonder Valley and are looking for a house in the area. The olive oil is not produced in Wonder Valley. It can be purchased at BKB Ceramics in Joshua Tree. You'll need to pay for it with city dollars, though, as a single bottle costs around $30.
"Wonder Valley is a sun-bleached, high desert town 30 miles east of Joshua Tree that we’ve been going to the past few years. There’s room in the desert—room to think, create, and contribute. There is a timelessness that feels like such a departure from living in big cities. Wonder Valley is a unique place that’s home to artists and outsiders, recluses and rock climbers, marines and motorbikers, who converge to inhabit the uninhabitable, and in effect create a place that is unlike any other. Ultimately our brand is just applying that to a state of mind and furnishing that far-out home by creating one beautiful product at a time."