Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Fire Extinguisher Training was a BLAST!

James Brakebill of Copper Mountain College
Fire Technology Program instructing.
Thirteen people attended the Fire Extinguisher Training at the Wonder Valley Community Center on Saturday. James Brakebill, the head of the Fire Technology Program at Copper Mountain College taught the course. Most of us walked in thinking we already knew how to use a fire extinguisher and walked out EVER so grateful for taking the class and finding out all about what we did NOT know which was really important stuff. I’m planning on compiling this in a Survey Monkey quiz called, “So you think you don’t need fire extinguisher training.”

For instance, I learned that your fire extinguishers should be mounted on a wall and not used as door stops (yeah, that’s me - really embarrassed). Fire extinguishers are under pressure and can act as a missile if they accidentally go off, shooting across the room.

Ken and I brought pastries from Porto’s Cuban bakery in Glendale (we were visiting my son in L.A.) and we made coffee, enjoyed by all during the break.

Copper Mountain College EMT student Samantha, our standby fire starter.
After the classroom portion we went outside and two students from the fire program set fires and we put them out. Everyone admitted that it was a little harder than we thought it would be and were grateful for knowing what to expect should we need to put out a fire in the future.
A student attempting to put out a fire with an extinguisher.
Mr. Fire was there to test all of our fire extinguishers, fill them up, certify and seal them with pins and tamper-proof seals.
Most of the class, some were still outside getting their fire extinguishers refilled.