Friday, February 12, 2016

Reach out to one person please

Our Wonder Valley Nextdoor network now has 101 members and continues to grow. For many people, who came out here to be left alone, it is the perfect way to stay informed about community news and maintain their privacy. ONLY people who live in Wonder Valley may join. Individualizing your settings allows you to decide how many emails you get from the network, if any at all.


Communication out here is difficult. as your MAC delegate I post in the following places:
  • Wonder Valley Community Page on Facebook
  • Wonder Valley Community Church
  • Godwin Christian Fellowship
  • Wonder Valley Community Center
  • Wonder Valley Sand Paper
  • The Palms
  • The Glass Outhouse
  • The Desert Trail
  • Karen and Dar's column in the Desert Trail
  • Z107 online and on radio
  • Wonder Valley Nextdoor
  • Road signs
And this is not enough. I am not reaching everyone. At every meeting people complain that they didn't hear about this or that important issue.

Please, we have 101 members. If each of you reached out and got one member to sign up, we'd have 202 members by the end of the week, and that many more informed and empowered community members.

You can use my link to sign up:

Or make your own link on Nextdoor and get a little leaf by your name. Go to the top menu bar to get your link.

Let's get this madly unique and solitude-loving community connected.