Monday, April 11, 2016

Changes at the Wonder Valley Community Center

County Fire replaced the old blinds with new metal mini-blinds. What an improvement! Many thanks, Tom Marshall!

That palm tree to the right looks like it needs some help, though.
On March 26 Special Districts replaced the old drip system with a new irrigation system better suited to our desert climate. The plants are greening up nicely! Many thanks to John Bradford and Reese Troublefield, who saw this project through.

At today's monthly meeting the community approved a new neon sign. Brad Dunning will oversee the project at no cost to the community though people are welcome to contribute. The community also approved sharing our kitchen with the local group Food for Life. Wally Currie gave an informative presentation.

Thanks everyone for attending and participating!

It's really great to see the Wonder Valley Community Center being spruced up. We have a wonderful community and the Community Center is reflecting it.