Friday, May 27, 2016

Fire at illegal dump

The illegal landfill at Via Arenosa burned yesterday. The owner was burning wood when the wind came up and the fire spread.

Fire on May 1, take by James Brakebill
SBC Land Use Services has been working with the owner to clean the site.

The Wonder Valley Fire Department was called out to Via Arenosa to put out a fire on May 1. James Brakebill, a Wonder Valley resident and the head of the Fire Technology program at Copper Mountain Mesa was the first to report the fire. He said he saw a white truck speeding from the site.

The following week the Wonder Valley MAC Volunteer, Teresa Sitz, toured the site with Brakebill. Sitz has been working with Land Use Services to clear the site and prevent more dumping once the site is cleared. County Fire Division Chief Tom Marshall said in an email to Sitz that an arson investigator has been requested.

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