Thursday, November 10, 2016

Desert Trail Column, November 10, 2016

The Wonder Valley Community Meeting will take place on Saturday morning, November 12 at our community center, 80526 ½ Amboy Road, at 10am. Community Healthcare Worker Ramona Arechiga and Pacific Clinics Program Coordinator Manuel Rincon will give a presentation titled “Let’s Talk About Mental Health.” French roast coffee and Cuban pastries from Porto’s will be served. For further information, call Teresa Sitz at 760-865-9550.

The Basinwide Municipal Advisory Council meeting will be held on Monday, November 14 at the Joshua Tree Community Center, 6171 Sunburst, from 6:30 to 8:30pm. Wonder Valley issues and information will be presented by our MAC representative Teresa Sitz.

Darlene’s Commentary: My seven-year-old grandson Hunter asked if I had any picture books from when I was little that could be used in his Weed Show project. A couple days later, I was looking through my bookshelf, pulled out a book, and caused an “avalanche” of several books onto the floor. When the dust settled, I immediately spotted a very old book (1902) that was in the pile upside down and open, and I feared it had suffered some damage. When I picked it up and turned it over, it was open to a poem entitled “Picture Books in Winter” which was pretty much what Hunter had asked for! The book, “A Child’s Garden of Verses,” belonged to my mom and had been in our house forever. Now some might think this was just a coincidence, but I know just how much my mom loved books and just how much she loved the Weed Show, and I’m sure she would help in any way she could. Thanks, Mom. By the way, Hunter took home a 1st place ribbon, and his little brother Eli, who’s not quite three, took home a 2nd place ribbon! How’s that for Weed Show stars?

Karen’s Commentary: First, those little Christmas elves have brought their whispers up a few octaves now that it’s November, and they are getting more annoying every day! And second, I now have to live the next full year with a puffed-up quadruple-ribbon-toting Weed Show winner! Ted got first, second, third and honorable mention ribbons, PLUS a Judge’s Favorite Award! Oh, my. He is one happy camper.

 The Wonder Valley Book Program is like a little library, right inside our community center. Books, DVDs, audio books and videocassettes are all available to be checked out for a month at a time. And

Handy Hint: Round cookie tins make great storage containers for circular saw blades.

Thought for Today: Kites were used during the Civil War to deliver letters and newspapers.

Until next time . . . remember to take time to enjoy the WONDERs all around us.

The Sheep Hole Mountain, the white Calumets behind them,
and Old Woman Mountain behind them.