Sunday, January 29, 2017

Wonder Valley at the Beatnik Lounge

Jaymie Arquilavitch
We stopped at the Beatnik Lounge yesterday, on our way to the Copper Mountain Mesa Community Center potluck, and I was so happy to see so many Wonder Valleyans represented in the current show: A Picture if Worth a Thousand Words.

Jaymie Arquilavitch works with fiber and fabric and many of her works refer to the cabins in our area. Put her in the search box to see some of her other works.

Suzanne Ross
Suzanne Ross is a long time WV resident best known in our are for the beautiful Buddhas she makes on desert scrap.

Robin Goudy

Robert Rowell
Robert "Harmonica Bob" Rowell is a recent desert transplant, one half of the musical duo Bill and Bob.

And finally there was Ken and me. I crocheted the piece of legal paper. Ken created the bottom piece - The History of My Escape Plan.

Anyone can show at the Beatnik. There's a $15 entry fee to support the shows and you can see your work.