Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Donna's Poem at Open Mic

Donna and Donnie
A Poem Read at the The Palms Open Mic,
by Donna Bemmer

This girl can’t even tote a tune in a bucket,
So I wrote this little ditty about me!
Hope you like it.
And I hope I don’t show it, but I’m about as nervous as a cat
In a room full of coyotes.
But I don’t think anyone really cares,
For I’ve lived in this desert for so many years.

I’ve lived in this desert for, oh, a long while.
One thing I haven’t lost is my style
To smile at my desert livin’,
That just kept on given’
Me hell where I dwelled.

I discovered this scene a decade, waaaaay back.
When I was a more lean
(And recently told, a mean!) horse and donkey
Riding machine.
So I started thinkin’,
Ummm - maybe that’s the reason my desert livin’
Kept on givin’
Me hell, where I dwelled!!

So I came to this bar.
I found a new man, and he ain’t no joke!
The silver fox there, in the black coat.
In this desert scene,
In that desert sand,
Right out back there, under those palm trees
I asked him if’n
He was able if’n
He was willing
To accept what i was laying
Out on that table.
To help me through my desert livin’,
That kept on givin’
Me hell, where I dwelled.

I’m a lucky girl.
He accepted my offer,
He thought he ought
To help me through,
To not get killed or caught
Up, in my desert livin’
That kept on givin’
Me hell where I dwelled.

So life’s about change.
It’s changed for the best.
I can finally relax and just be.
With my new desert man
I found under those trees.