Thursday, August 30, 2018

Sounds like the firehouse will not reopen.

County Fire took it's Expansion of FP5 show to the Joshua Tree Community Center last week. 

Read more: Plea to fire chief: Don’t move station

Here is a piece of the discussion that pretty much answers the question of whether or not Wonder Valley's fire station will reopen.
“So everyone who lives in an area where they closed a fire station is paying more in home insurance,” Mason said.
She would support the assessment, she said, if the fire department would reopen its more remote stations. 
But Hartwig didn’t hold out hope of that happening. When an audience member asked if any closed stations would be reopened if the new assessment passed, he responded, “No. I’m looking to maintain the service I have now.”
I know many of you (us) figured this would be the case, but it's important to have verification, and this seems to be it.