Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Rural Entrepreneurship Challenge - it pays to Wonder!

The 2016 Rural Entrepreneuruship Challenge application period will open June 1, 2015. Check out the timeline and other information for this year's Challenge!

Pasturebird, LLC, was awarded $25,000 for a system of feeding chickens designed to end factory farming. Their story, and their founder, are quite amazing and this all happened not too far from here. He sounds like someone a lot like us.

Primal Pastures from Kathi Bahr on Vimeo.

Though geared to agribusiness one 2015 finalist won $15,000 for a plan to "use aquaponics technology to provide fresh, local produce and fish to the community throughout the year." That seems like something we could do in Wonder Valley.

Check out the finalists from 2015.