Monday, April 6, 2015

Wonder Valley Weekend, April 4 & 5, 2015

Well, I missed Arroyo Rogers twice this weekend and I really wanted to see them. We couldn't get to the Wonder Valley Music Festival until around 10 and walked in to the Sibley's playing "Can I borrow you guillotine?" So perfect.

We were in time to hear Ben Vaughn - they didn't make a single mistake, from what I could tell. Just kidding, they rocked it. Everyone was dancing. The air was electric.

French Vanilla closed the festival and even without their saxophone they were amazing. The sinewy vocalist was captivating - operatic. They reminded me a little of Cibo Matta.

On Sunday, since we'd missed the opening at the Glass Outhouse on ,Saturday we stopped to visit and see the show.

Laurel was telling us stories of her early days in Wonder Valley, when the gallery housed rabbits. John Sophio, from Built, in Los Angeles was visiting, too. Time slipped by and before we knew it we'd missed our second chance to see Arroyo Rogers at the Beatnik.

Someday I'll see them and I just know they'll be as good as I imagine.