Saturday, April 11, 2015

Wonder Valley artist wins Guggenheim Fellowship

Susan Lipper, self-described Wonder Valley "partial resident" and "habitual visitor", was awarded the Guggenheim Fellowship for her desert photography.

"In 2012, [Lipper]began a series in the California desert, which is still ongoing. What initially attracted Lipper was addressing the formal differences between her previous habitat of Appalachia and journeys along I-10. However, fueled by research covering topics related to the desert as trope and as prior photographic subject, and—in the light of the idea of Manifest Destiny—society’s attempts to comprehend a possible positive future for our country, the project has continued to evolve. She sees this project as completion of a sort of trilogy of her travels from East to West."
About Susan Lipper

I've seen many of Susan's photographs and they're captivating. She's also pretty great to hang out with. I only wish she were here more often. She does Wonder Valley proud. Congratulations, Susan!

UPDATE: Susan is also looking for photography models for pictures similar to the one below.

So, if you're at least somewhat buffed, contact Susan at: (917) 435-8013 or email her at Monetary compensation is negotiable.