Thursday, May 7, 2015

Desert Trail Column, May 7, 2015

Our Basinwide MAC representative Teresa Sitz will hold a Meet & Greet at the Wonder Valley Community Center, 80526 ½ Amboy Road, from 9 to 11 am on Monday, May 11. Everyone is invited. You may reach Teresa by email at, on her website at or on Facebook at the Wonder Valley Community Page. She urges everyone to join her mailing list at

The monthly Basinwide MAC meeting will take place at the Joshua Tree Community Center on Sunburst from 6:30 to 8:30 pm on the same date, May 11. Teresa will present our concerns to First District Supervisor James Ramos.

This week we’re sending out Belated-Rainbows-of-Diamonds-and-Sweet Peas to Diane Brooks who celebrated her special day a couple weeks ago. We hope you had a really great birthday, Diane!

Karen’s Commentary:  Here’s a collection of “Single Sentence Comments.”
  1. Thank you, Jan, for the used stamps and the nicely-cut-out coupons.
  2. What about vinegar killing the goathead-weeds?

  3. Thank you, Annie, for more nicely-cut-out coupons.
  4. I am now $602 ahead with my casino system.
  5. Did you notice that the circus was “back in town” on Godwin Road from December to February?

Darlene’s Commentary: Have you ever needed help with laws and legal information? I want to share with you a great bunch of books that provide information and guidance for the common people (like you and me) when you need some help with legal procedures. NOLO BOOKS has a large library with legal solutions, forms and answers to questions, and clearly defines things in plain English. I have used several NOLO books over the years that were indispensable in opening and running a small business, learning how to write contracts and how to probate an estate in California. They are available at the library, or you can buy them used at places like

If you have a comment or question about road maintenance, call 760-367-9880 to leave a message for Tim, our “road guy.” Also, we would like to personally thank Tim for keeping Blower Road wide in the area coming up the hill from the wash. It’s really scary when the road gets so narrow there because you can’t see what’s coming over the top of that hill, and you can’t get far enough to the right to avoid whatever might be coming.

Handy Hint:  Spray kitchen scissors or knives with nonstick spray before chopping sticky foods such as raisins or dried apricots.

Thought for Today:  “Ninety per cent of our lawyers serve ten per cent of our people. We are over-lawyered and under-represented.” – Jimmy Carter

Until next time . . . remember to take time to enjoy the WONDERs all around us.