Monday, May 25, 2015

Where's Heather?

Wonder Valley's own artist, Heather Johnson, is riding her motorcycle to the other end of the Americas. She's made it as far as Nicaragua. From Heather:
I spent my last 4 days in Nicaragua off the grid on a quiet beach with no tourists, but a handful of strays like me, who've found themselves here from far reaches of the globe, looking for excuses never to leave. The place is empty and immaculate, with turquoise quarter mile waves that'll pulverize you into the sand if you're not paying attention. Monkeys roar like lions from trees that wrap themselves around other trees, choking them out of existence. Sunsets blaze with chemical intensity against silhouettes of rock promontories shaped like rude gestures. 
Miro, Sabrina and Kevin pulled me out of a dark place this week. They shared their food, their stories and their hearts, reminding me that I'm not doing this thing alone. There are others everywhere, floating around the world searching for meaning and finding it.