Thursday, September 1, 2016

Desert Trail, September 1, 2016

The Big Blazing Back2School Sale at the Wonder Valley Thrift Store, located on the paved section of Godwin Road, is going on until September 3. Stop in and see what they have.

Our big wooden sign in front of the Wonder Valley Community Center, 80526 ½ Amboy Road, got a complete face lift thanks to Cyrilo Martinez and the Joshua Tree Park and Rec crew. They also have the palm trees looking better than they have in many years! Lots of thanks to all the “JT Guys.”

And speaking of our community center, it was closed on Monday, August 29 due to problems with the well. As we write this, we do not yet know if the problems are major or minor, so are not sure if it will be open or closed the rest of the week. There will be a sign on the door regarding any closures.

We send out Rainbows-of-Peridots-and-Gladiolas to Scott Kelso and Cheryl Davies who celebrate their special days this week. Happy birthday to you both!

Karen’s Commentary: We’ve had trouble with our air conditioner for the past few years. It would throw the breaker at random for no apparent reason. We had two different AC companies out, plus an electrician, and each one did what they thought would solve the problem, but nothing actually solved it, and all the “fixes” cost us money! Then my husband Ted came up with the idea of putting some solid shade over the unit, as the current shade was provided by trees and plants that moved around with the breezes. Guess what – that did the trick! So if you’re having trouble keeping your AC unit running, you might try this inexpensive or free solution.

Darlene’s Commentary: I happened to open a Reader’s Digest (May 2016) and found a very interesting article entitled “You Are When You Eat” by Emily Laber-Warren. The article states that researchers studying metabolism have found that WHEN you eat makes a difference in your weight and health. Even though food is processed most efficiently when eaten during daylight hours, the best schedule is to eat dinner and breakfast 12 hours apart, with nothing in between except water. Also, breakfast should be your big meal, lunch moderate and dinner small. If you can follow these guidelines as much as possible, you should see a big difference in your health and weight.

Handy Hint: Vinegar will help keep stainless steel utensils and appliances spot-free.

Thought for Today: “Thanksgiving dinners take 18 hours to prepare. They are consumed in 12 minutes. Half-times take 12 minutes. This is not coincidence.” – Erma Bombeck

Until next time . . . remember to take time to enjoy the WONDERs all around us.