Tuesday, September 13, 2016

New cell tower in Wonder Valley

I was handed this note from someone at the MAC meeting in Joshua Tree last night. Verizon has applied to erect another cell tower in Wonder Valley, across from the Glass Outhouse Gallery on Highway 62.

Last spring Land Use Services let me know that they were going to demolish the house at Marilane and Highway 62, and they had already spent some time cleaning the property which was a mess. It seems they may have done all that in preparation for this project.

I don't know how everyone else feels about this, but it will mar the vast and desolate viewscape along Highway 62. From what I've heard all of these permits are supposed to go before the MAC and this one hasn't.

At last night's meeting we heard from three residents of Friendly Hills complaining about the cell tower that went in there, on the property of SkyView Church. It's 55' tall and residents complained that it was railroaded because they didn't have time to address the issue before construction began.

Please contact me with your thoughts on this issue - for or against - and I will convey them to the Supervisor's office. Email me at teresa.sitz@gmail.com.

And, they cannot even get our name right - we are Wonder Valley, not Morongo Valley.