Thursday, December 29, 2016

Desert Trail Column for December 29, 2016

Karen’s Commentary: Have you taken a really good look at your phone bills lately? We have a landline and cellphones, so we have two bills to scrutinize. For our landline, we are paying $9.99 for inside Wire Maintenance, $1.99 for a Carrier Cost Recovery Surcharge, $8.93 for Federal Taxes and Charges and $2.51 for State Taxes and Other Charges. For our cellphones, we are paying $1.45 for Federal Universal Service Charges, $.42 for Regulatory Charges, $2.46 for Administrative Charges, $.05 for California State PUC Fees, $.26 for California State 911 Fees, $.26 for California Teleconnect Fund Surcharges, $.07 for the California State High Cost Fund (A), $1.09 for Lifeline Surcharges – California, $.10 for the California Advanced Services Fund (CASF) and $.10 for the California Relay Service/Communication Device Fund. Whew! That is almost $30 in addition to the actual phone bills!

Darlene’s Commentary: I hope everyone out there had a warm and cozy Christmas. I think this December might have been one of the coldest; wind, rain and snow on the mountains . . . brrr! I remember quite a few Christmas days that were shirt-sleeve weather. I’m just going to stay bundled up and wait for the wildflowers to bloom. I always can tell that we have had a real soaker when my house phone stops ringing its regular ring, and the only sound it makes is one soft little “ding!” As the ground dries out, I get more and more of a ring until it’s back to normal. My phone is old, with a rotary dial, and has been here since the early 70’s. I really like the sound of that ring; I guess I’m just sentimental.

If you have issues, questions, comments, complaints, compliments or anything else concerning road maintenance, please call 760-367-9880 to leave a message for our grader operator Tim. He really had his work cut out for him after the rainstorm, and did an excellent job on our road. Thanks, Tim!

Handy Hint: Better brushes are the key to good application of paint or polyurethane. For water-based products, a synthetic brush (such as nylon or polyester) is best. For oil-based products, use a natural-bristle brush. A good quality brush will hold more product, lay it on smoothly and is less likely to leave bristles in your finish. If you clean your brush immediately after use, it will last a long time.
Thought for Today: Items sold on eBay include a chunk of Mars for $450,000; one of Albert Einstein’s handwritten letters for $3,000,100; the original “Hollywood” sign for $450,400; and the town of Bridgeville, California for $1.25 million.

Until next time . . . remember to take time to enjoy the WONDERs all around us.