Thursday, May 11, 2017

We've been branded.

Dang, I missed the opening. I'm sure my invitation is in that stack of mail on the piano.

The fine folks at Wonder Valley Olive Oil had the opening of their flagship store last Saturday, May 6, from 11 a.m. until sunset.

For more information, see:

I can't give you the exact address but it was in the Beverly Hills section of Wonder Valley, over in Soam and Wego - South of Amboy and West of Godwin.

What was for sale? Olive oil for $33 a bottle; Olio Nuevo (new olive oil) for $38 a bottle; Face Oil for $65; a leather sage brush for $95; a wood fired water jug for $475...

And that's in real U.S. dollars, not Wonder Valley dollars.

If they offered coffee, cream, butter, sugar, matches, etc., I'm sure they'd make a killing here. Just not sure I could afford it.