Friday, February 1, 2019

Crime Stats January 2019

There were fewer call, but more reports and arrest in the Crime Stats for January 2019. The numbers for January 2015 were provided by the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department. They stopped providing us these numbers in October of 2016. Teresa Sitz, the former MAC Delegate for Wonder Valley, has been teasing our stats out of media reports since May of 2017. The stats are unofficial, and there is a small margin of error.

A change in numbers does not reflect a change in service. A change in numbers can reflect a change in the willingness to call the Sheriff's Department, with reports and arrests adjusting in response.

If you call the Sheriff's Department, ALWAYS ask for an INCIDENT NUMBER. Please write it down.

There were three arrests noted but one of the arrest was for 3 people, a father, mother, and daughter that came all the way from White Feather to do their work.

By Z107.7 News, on January 19th, 2019

By Z107.7 News, on February 1st, 2019

By Kurt Schauppner The Desert Trail Feb 1, 2019