Monday, February 11, 2019

WV in The Washington Post.

Forget Coachella, there’s a vibrant, more affordable music scene around Joshua Tree.
By Melanie D.G. Kaplan, February 8, 2019, The Washington Post Travel Section

"Palms Restaurant, a desert roadhouse in Wonder Valley, is even farther from civilization than Pappy’s. It’s known for its free-spirit vibe and avant-garde performances — such as Wonder Valley Experimental (March 30), a festival of experimental music; imagine pots and pans and concrete mixers as instruments.

“'We get a mix of locals, tourists and people driving through on the way to Vegas,' said Kevin Bone, who books talent for the Palms and planned the Hi-Desert Hukilau Music Festival, April 19 and 20, to coincide with the second weekend of Coachella; the lineup includes Victoria Williams, Ben Vaughn and Rosa Pullman. “If you think about Burning Man, some people are willing to drive all the way out to the desert,” Bone said. 'Those are the people who prefer that we’re in the middle of nowhere, prefer to see music under the stars.' He said patrons also like the free camping for festivals available on the Palms grounds and Sunday brunch with $2 Bloody Marys."