Monday, April 15, 2019

We have a new MAC Delegate!

The MAC is the Morongo Basin Municipal Advisory Council, and it was created by our Third District County Supervisor Dawn Rowe, to advise her on the state of the nine unincorporated communities in the MB.

Teresa Sitz was the delegate from March 2015 until last November when our then Third District Supervisor James Ramos resigned. Before her, Max Rossi, from the Godwin Christian Fellowship, served as MAC Delegate.

The news just came across today that Wonder Valley resident Steve Reyes has been appointed as our next MAC delegate. Steve is a former LAPD police officer, and has spoken at WV Community Meetings on security issues. He also just finished a two-day course on grantwriting sponsored by the Basin Wide Foundation. Steve is a great guy who I am certain will do an excellent job.

Many thanks to others who applied for the position. Thank you for your commitment to Wonder Valley, and for stepping up to serve. If you'd still like to volunteer, please feel free to sign up at the Wonder Valley Community Center. We can always use good people.