Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Wonder Valley man arrested

A Wonder Valley man was arrested this week in Yucca Valley.

By Z107.7 News, on August 31st, 2015
"A Wonder Valley man was arrested Friday, accused of holding up a Yucca Valley pharmacy with a knife earlier that day. According to a Sheriff’s press release, a man, later identified as Justin Becker, 23, entered the New Pharmacy located in the Town Center Mall about 9 a.m., brandished a knife at clerks, and demanded narcotics. Becker then fled on foot with the drugs. About 3:50 that afternoon, deputies stopped Becker on an unrelated call near Larrea Road and Old Woman Springs Road in Johnson Valley. Becker was driving a white Ford which deputies determined was involved in the robbery. Justin Becker was arrested on suspicion of armed robbery, booked at the Morongo Basin Jail with his bail set at $100,000."

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  1. Becker went OUT to Johnson Valley to Check his property and stopped by an old lease property family had where the squatters on the property for years Peter Livingston and Girl friend Sandy and Sandy's Son X National Guard Spent time in Irac same size as Justin Becker as they forced BECKER to drink water with Drugs in it making Justin Becker Pass Out and took his Vehicle with out Permission! That same morning and BECKER came too as they Forced Becker to drink more water after returning as Becker exscaped to near by friends in Johnson Valley where these friends where called FIRST to help Justin from family gad called them from out if town telling them Justin Becker had made a Distress call to Family in need of help!! Friends are where Justin Was taken to Custody after crashing into friends fence black out from being Mickey'd at Peter Livingston place of resident's Sguahter's. 5827 Hwy 247 Old Womans Springs Rd. East side just past OCOTTILLO rd. Call Sheriff if seen Of these people that took Justin Beckers Vehicle Possibly using it in this crime as the vehicle is only evidence and a masked man in ninga mask Pharmacies said! THANK YOU (WE TIP CALL 1-800-78-CRIME) UP TO $1000.00 REWARD if you can find Pete and girl friend Sandy and Her Son X Irac Soldier Possible masked man in Crime Concerned Citizens Crime Watch Thank You!