Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Wonder Valley Dump

We took our first trip to the Wonder Valley Dump yesterday. I was happy it was cooler and overcast because I imagine the heat does nothing but intensify that dump odor. I loved the rolling road to the dump and passing the rifle range.

Someone built a fascinating display with some of the castoffs, along the fence leading to the dispoal building. I walked the length, amazed at some of the juxtapositions.

So, it's not easy getting rid of your stuff in the desert, especially in Wonder Valley. We do not have curbside pickup, being that we barely have roads, let alone curbs. We recently threw in with our neighbor and we're sharing a dumpster, and now we've been to the dump.

If you own property you should have a dump card. Bring your ID, too. It's required.
The most important thing is to not hire someone to dump your trash for you, including construction contractors. Require a receipt from the dump to be CERTAIN your trash was dumped at the DUMP and not in the desert!