Thursday, September 24, 2015

Desert Trail Column, September 24, 2015

We send out Rainbows-of-Sapphires-and-Asters to Eddie Kim, Bernice Barcott, Les Lindsley and Orville Fangmeyer who celebrate their special days this week. Happy, happy birthday to all of you!

Darlene’s Commentary: What is my very favorite, tons of fun, totally unique, absolutely best and beloved event of the year? It’s the Weed Show!! This year the theme is entitled “Diamond in the Rough:  75 Years in the Making.” Anyone can enter their creation or creations and ribbons are rewarded for first, second and third place, honorable mention and a Peoples’ Choice award that is judged by the visitors to the exhibition. It’s fun to win a ribbon, but in my opinion, the real fun is finding dry weeds from your yard, in a vacant lot or a walk in the desert. As you walk, you may spot “found objects,” weathered wood, dried vines, rusty cans, pieces of everyday things from years ago and beautiful or unusual rocks. There is so much beauty surrounding us, and inspiration and creativity is inside each and every person.

Free Workshop October 10.
Karen’s Commentary: Thanks to Joni Daniel for a stack of greeting cards. And this week I have a soapbox issue that’s bugging me. When a fake palm tree was erected at our community center, it looked somewhat like a real palm tree – at least on a foggy day with dirty glasses! Anyway, THEN a “tumor” was added to the side of it, making it pretty recognizable as a fake from half a mile away. And with a series of lights surrounding the “fronds” that are covered with what appears to be green plastic panels, the “real” factor is brought down to a new low, giving a five-year-old the ability to see that this is not a real palm tree. I’m sure that before the okay was given for the antenna/tree, the County was assured that this would be a realistic-looking tree. Once it is up though, all those promises go out the window.

The Food for Life Ministry prepares delicious and nutritious hot meals that are served free of charge at Little Church of the Desert every Saturday. If you have a problem getting there, Reach Out Morongo Basin will deliver the meals, also free of charge, directly to your home. Call 760-361-1410 for further information.

Handy Hint: Tires affect fuel efficiency. Big tires have more road contact, resulting in more friction and more gas burned. And a tire that’s inflated correctly at 80 degrees will be underinflated by as much as 5 pounds at 30 degrees.

Thought for Today: Cheer up – your plumber is naming his new yacht after you.

Until next time . . . remember to take time to enjoy the WONDERs all around us.