Friday, October 9, 2015

Mountain lion alert

Two community members have reported seeing a mountain lion north of Valle Vista and Godwin. Please, if you're walking, running, hiking in that area, take precautions, and consider traveling in pairs. Also, please watch your animals. It was reported that about a dozen chickens were killed recently on a community member's property.

Star Javier, the Wonder Valley CSA employee, mentioned that we've had mountain lions for years, and one year she saw a mother with cubs. There are bighorn sheep in the Bullion Mountains on the north border of Wonder Valley and these are prey for mountain lions.

This is a random photo of a mountain lion, and not the mountain lion in question.

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  1. We have possible mountain lion activity near Poleline and Licon. Last night heard deep gutteral growling.. could not spot the animal but it circled the house. Looked for prints today and seem more like mtn. lion than coyote.. Anyone else see anything recently?